Plank Challenge

May 8 – 28th

The “21-Day Plank Challenge” is by far my most simple challenge yet and involves only two steps: 1. Do one plank per day. 2. Send me your time.

To make things even easier, I’ve prepared a short, informative video describing the plank and three variations for you to try. I also recommend downloading the tracking sheet below to help keep yourself accountable. On that note, if you send me your plank time every day for all 21 days you will receive an awesome gift from yours truly. 

Watch the video below, download the tracking sheet and get started!

Amy Van Liew

Why Take the Challenge

The Plank is an isometric, bodyweight exercise that can be done ANYWHERE using NO EQUIPMENT. It’s super simple, and my favorite exercise for core and posture conditioning. It has the added benefits of working on your butt, hamstrings, back, shoulders and arms. It challenges your mental toughness. Most importantly, it really works!